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Ministry of Public Security and the State Food and Drug Administration of coordinated and led Guangxi, Hunan , Anhui, Henan and other places the public security organs and Drug Administration , cracked a large manufacturing and selling counterfeit and inferior human serum albumin, human use rabies vaccine counterfeit case series destroyed four dens and arrested 17 suspects and seized semi-finished products 3,400 bottles of fake albumin , immunoglobulin 1.2 million bottles of fake rabies vaccine in 1200 , fake bio- security standard 294 , electronic drug regulatory code 300 , counterfeit pills and other counterfeit , production equipment, packaging material batch , worth more than 2,000 yuan .

November 2012 , Guangxi Liuzhou Taomou Canada goose Outlet patients reported to the local pharmaceutical sector , saying that using human serum albumin abnormal reaction after suspected drug is counterfeit products. The pharmaceutical sector was identified as counterfeit Liuzhou , Liuzhou City Public Security Bureau for investigation and report this trail Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Public Security Bureau, Ministry of Public Security . Ministry of Public Security will supervise the case as listed cases , the public security organs in Guangxi , Hunan , Anhui, Henan and other places with the support of the public security organs successfully cracked the case , completely destroyed the large production and sales of fake human serum albumin criminal networks .

The investigation, since May 2012 , the suspect Liu XX , Zhou Moumou in Changsha City, a district, from the local market to buy medicines bottles and packaging, bottles with tap water after disinfection simple , filling with distilled water adding vitamin K1 color, capping machine capping with drugs , hand labeling, posing as a well-known Shanghai pharmaceutical production enterprise product sales. Liu XX , Zhou Moumou price of 8 yuan per bottle sold to the main suspects Moumou , through regional distribution, pharmaceutical representatives, clinics and other aspects of the final sales price to the patient 400 to $ 500. Current identified the gang sold more than 8,000 bottles of fake human serum albumin . Among them, Liu XX addition Anhui Bozhou downline purchased from Hunan dummy serum albumin , but since 2009 , also from Zhoukou of about 0.8 yuan to the price of each purchase fake rabies vaccine 12000 , of which 10,800 to the price of 1 yuan each sold in Shandong , the final sales price to the patient in the hands of each 26 yuan . Anhui public security organs in accordance with the unified deployment of Ministry of Public Security , in coordination with the public security organs in Henan , Zhoukou Taikang has been wiped out in the three fake rabies vaccine production dens of crime and arrested the main suspect Moumou , Lee , seized at the scene finished , semi-finished fake rabies vaccine over 5,000 branches , and a large number of dedicated control pill bottles , Canada goose jackets packaging materials and complete sets of production equipment.

Reporters learned that the human serum albumin is a plasma from healthy extracted from human blood products , mainly for acute trauma , excessive bleeding in critically ill patients for treatment , is a national drug control varieties . If human albumin containing bacteria or other substances that can cause the body heat , can easily lead to sepsis, severe cases can cause death . Rabies high mortality rate , if not timely vaccination , or even a fake vaccination vaccine , would seriously threaten the lives and health .

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Zhang Shuguang judge their performance against Si Duoti called repentance not profound

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Finally the trial , Zhang Shuguang reflect on how their own high-speed rail from the mentality of the hero becomes a prisoner , but also several times during Ma Lei . But for Zhefan statements , the judge thinks he talked about his accomplishments more, for ferreting out how to hold the bottom line is not deep enough .

Defendant readme

Pleaded guilty to repentance guilty remorse

In court today, I was dealt a profound education, my own sin , at any one time than in the past with a deep understanding . This is more than 900 days , both my long suffering pleaded guilty to repentance process, but also I am determined to recognize their own sins rebirth process. Especially in the handling process, I feel both investigators of serious and stern , but also felt the goodness of humanity and tolerance , and I thank them for helping me to know my sins . I pleaded guilty and accept legal fair trial.

Reflect on my own on the road of crime also go far enough , and the lessons quite profound , in fact, a lot of things bit by bit .

I am also deeply did not finish the job , I have sinned , I am guilty , I am guilty .

Pathwalker , afraid of thinking relax, relax thinking people will change . I was at work and achieved some success, relaxed thinking , relaxed learning and adaptation , chasing fame and fortune , ah, want to comment this assessment that , on the road of crime from small to large , lopsided , and now looking back , ah, regret late. I ‘m sorry the party’s culture , national culture sorry , I’m sorry a lot of people who care about me , I’m sorry I encounter difficulties in helping people to me ……

I pleaded guilty , I hope more people can learn my lesson , fame and fortune , innocent official . You do officials , you put yourself in the ass wipe . Words , is easier said than done it is difficult , we learned my lesson .

Prosecution views

Desires expansion profound lesson

Prosecutors believe that Zhang Shuguang since 2000 up to 11 years in senior positions within the time , the introduction of high-speed rail technology and other aspects hold heavy power, and ask repeatedly accepting bribes totaling more than 4700 yuan. And accepted bribes around the trust , and actively seek benefits for the enterprise , with their power in exchange for money . Although some money is a holiday gifts , travel abroad in the name of a gift, but for a variety of names under the cover of bartering is well aware of the nature , there is obviously intentional crime .

Prosecutors believe that Zhang Shuguang accumulated in 11 years received more than 40 times, long duration , and has a plot of bribes , a huge amount of crime , the circumstances are especially serious , with serious social harm , a serious violation of the integrity of public officials requirements , destroyed the party and the country ‘s prestige. Prosecutors believe that Zhang Shuguang, the railway system as the right to hold the weight of a certain prestige of leading cadres and professional and technical personnel , who countries have contributed to the cause of high-speed rail . Unfortunately , in the lusts of expansion under the criminal , the lesson is profound.

Zhang Shuguang part due to bribery of bribery exist , it shall be punished severely according to law . In addition, Zhang Shuguang actively cooperate with the authorities handling the case brought to justice after truthfully confess their crimes and be accountable not grasp the facts of the crime ; Zhang Shuguang and relatives actively cooperate with the recovery of stolen money , most of the stolen money has been recovered after the incident , the prosecution went after relatives paid back 600,000 yuan , according to the law can be punished more leniently .

Self- defense , Zhang Shuguang sighed , for bribery charges , he believes he did not offer to help , but money is still collected. He said nothing to say , and himself Renzhang , pleaded guilty , there are some specific circumstances of the crime have also been described , and do not want to repeat it , recognizing bribes plot.

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Zhang Shuguang about bribery through: Liu Zhijun behest I yielded

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For 13 cases, suspected of taking bribes equivalent to RMB 4755 million yuan allegations Zhang Shuguang, pleaded guilty in court , the fact that no objection to the overall crime , but one of which ” bribes ” allegations unacceptable.

Small carts transported to the court docket

Yesterday morning , the third courtroom doors slowly opened, wearing a black jacket, black pedal Zhang Shuguang, the old man was brought into court shoes . He did not wear any mechanical tools.

Video seen with previous media published photos of different hunched Zhang Shuguang , the original black hair is now graying sideburns even more special cream color , the body was emaciated . Judge questions answered , his voice steady, slow , loud noise.

Because the case dossier more, before the trial , prosecutors used two common small supermarket trolley full dossier will be pushed to the court .

A total of 4755 million yuan of bribery

Zhang Shuguang , aged 57 , former Secretary of Transportation , deputy chief engineer , served as the introduction of high- speed rail technology chief negotiator , “China’s high-speed rail first person ,” said.

By the end of 2011 , the State Council of the ” 7.23″ Yongwen major railway line in particular dealing with traffic accidents comments, identified Zhang Shuguang bear the main leadership responsibility for the accident , that time, Zhang served as the Ministry of Railways Passenger System Integration Office of the Deputy Director , technical systems integration projects Team Leader . Given its alleged serious economic problems , Lingan be dealt with .

Prosecutor accused , from 2000 to 2011 , the Zhang Shuguang use as a passenger Equipment Department of Transportation Director , Deputy Director of the Ministry of Equipment and Transport Bureau , the Secretary for Transport and so his position to accept the Guangzhou Railway Sales Car Leasing Co. company , Guangzhou car rail transportation equipment , Ltd. and other 14 companies responsible person if asked , to address the trains , train accessories business, technology product applications , the project won the bid to provide assistance and technical cooperation , for which the unit is responsible for accepting or soliciting people give money and goods , amounting to a total of 4755 million yuan.

Admitted the allegations and pleaded guilty

The indictment shows that Zhang Shuguang alleged bribery case in which the sum of the minimum amount of 30,000 yuan of bribery and $ 10,000 ; highest sum amounted to 18.5 million yuan , bribery side are mostly private enterprises.

After the prosecutor read the indictment to be finished , Zhang Shuguang, the judge asked whether the allegation is true . ” Is true, the fact that the allegations have no objection .” Zhang Shuguang answered without any hesitation .

Final statement , Zhang Shuguang said its plead guilty .

The case is not in court for sentencing.

Shuguang Zhang was born in December 1956 , graduated in 1982 from Lanzhou Jiaotong University Vehicles professional , professor level senior engineer . Successively in Shanghai , Shenyang, Beijing Railway Bureau, the Beijing-Tianjin inter-city railway companies , railway companies and the preparatory group of the Ministry of Railways and Transport Bureau and other units where he served as deputy chief engineer of the Ministry of Railways and the Secretary for Transport , Passenger Line ( High Speed ​​Rail ) , Vice architect , adjunct professor at several universities , railway professional technology leaders , the State Council special allowance.

February 28, 2011 , Zhang Shuguang was suspended for review. April 1, 2012 in custody .

■ Case

” Liu Zhijun inspired I yielded .”

The first cases of alleged that Zhang Shuguang accept the Guangzhou car company’s legal representative Yang Jianyu if asked for Blue Arrow trains and train accessories sales and other issues to help, given repeatedly received Young calligraphy , porcelain , watches, home improvements cost money and goods , etc. , a total of RMB 1050 million yuan.

“My father is a fellow with Yang Jianyu Yang asked me for the way to solve Blue Arrow , I was head of the vehicle , he thinks I have the right to speak .” Zhang Shuguang said, ” then I suggest to Liu Zhijun into iron spring in a remote train with Blue Arrow .

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Academician Zhang Shuguang 23000000 race behind: Many aspects need to spend money

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When the officials is not fun , but also wanted to “learn tyrants” , despite twice PARTICIPATING Chinese Academy of Sciences ( hereinafter referred to as “CAS ” ) Academy Jiewei liking , but Zhang Shuguang, former Secretary of Transportation up to 23 million yuan and participating academicians ” need to spend money ” what about the bribes go where ?

Zhang Shuguang, the 10th for the trial , said participating academicians need to spend money , Chinese Academy of Sciences Faculty Bureau recently issued a statement saying that in Zhang Shuguang election process, the Chinese Academy of Sciences had not received their “money PARTICIPATING ” Other complaints. Which if verified academician of bribery and other illegal activities , the CAS will not be tolerated .

Academician Zuoxiu on the “First Financial Daily” correspondent said that from Zhang Shuguang “money PARTICIPATING ” process point of view, “There academician bribery ” great possibility ; According to Zhang Shuguang, a well-known Chinese Academy of Engineering Wang Meng-shu is understood that in Zhang Shuguang 2009 during the years of participating academicians , almost every front of the judges are arrayed a complaint letters , reports its academic fraud , academic not refined, but eventually he only narrowly failed to be elected , ” What does this show ” ?

According to the reporter combing , Zhang Shuguang participating in the 2009 , he was eligible, Chinese Academy of Technological Sciences Academy , specializing in “Railway Vehicle .” Academy of Sciences Department there were 110 , of which about 78 people from voting ( voting or not voluntary ) . If they can get elected in order to ensure the required two-thirds of those voting ballots , Zhang Shuguang, apparently there are many needs , ” dot ” of the Department .

“There is great possibility academicians bribery ”

10, 2009, Zhang Shuguang 47.55 million yuan of bribery cases in the Beijing Second Intermediate People ‘s Court. Trial, Zhang Shuguang I confessed its briber prove Shuguang Zhang in 2007 and twice in 2009 to participate in the selection of Chinese Academy of Sciences , and has repeatedly bribes totaling 23 million yuan ( see newspaper dated September 11 ” Zhang Shuguang trial : Fellow coveted title of bribery 23 million ” article ) .

Published reports that night , Chinese Academy of Sciences Faculty Bureau issued a statement saying , Shuguang Zhang worked in 2007 and 2009 was recommended as the Chinese Academy of the Ministry of Railways candidates were elected twice . In its election process, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Zhang had not received “money PARTICIPATING ” Other complaints. Which if verified academician of bribery and other illegal activities , the CAS will not be tolerated , welcomed the social supervision.

Has 86 -year-old Zhang Shuguang Zuoxiu still looking for election bribery academician topic. He in Fujian interview with reporters during a business trip , spend a few million to tens of millions to vote academician , said he was shocked.

Zuoxiu based on their understanding of Chinese Academy of selection process that results from the point of view , ultimately failed to be elected academician Zhang Shuguang , indicating that the CAS on the Academy Award “or objective and impartial .” However, the process of academician Zhang Shuguang money PARTICIPATING Look, ” academicians bribery ” great possibility .

Wang Meng-shu told reporters , Zhang Shuguang participating academicians in the beginning , there are two options: One is the Chinese Academy of Engineering , and the second is the Chinese Academy of Sciences . The reason to give up the former choose the latter, because the Academy of Engineering acquaintances too many people “know ” Zhang Shuguang . Thus, Zhang Shuguang chosen for its relatively unknown Chinese Academy of Sciences .

Wang Meng-shu said that circles a lot of people are aware of the fact that the so-called by the Zhang Shuguang prepared by the ” railway speed train application of basic theory and engineering technology”, “very large systems integration projects theory and practice” and other books , in fact, by the person ghost Ghostwriter . Further news shows, as edited the monograph , Zhang Shuguang invited the former Ministry of Railways , CSR Sifang , Beijing Jiaotong University , Academy of Railway Sciences , Southwest Jiaotong University and other institutions, including professors, associate professors , lecturers , researchers , engineers, other scholars and researchers , including many ” gunmen .”

An interview in 2009, was named the Chinese Academy of Sciences , told reporters that at that time it was particularly sensitive to their interview . A candidate repeatedly told him: ” Do the best blending here, especially those of us candidates . Blending nothing good .” He said there are four steps PARTICIPATING academicians , each link is very critical . Informed sources told reporters , each link bribery may occur , but under normal circumstances would not give money naked , in a variety name , such as sponsoring research funds and activities to give money.

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Zhang Shuguang traced fear of domestic opposition EMU developers abandon Shen Academy of Engineering

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Zhang Shuguang was pieced academic achievements, organized a 30-person group monograph written in the hotel focused writing . CFP for map

If more a ticket , as long as more a ticket , Zhang Shuguang can become Academician of Chinese science and technology achieved the highest academic title.

That was in November 2009 , academicians across the country rushed to the cold Beijing to participate in the General Assembly academicians , voting to elect a new academicians . Dec. 4 , at the Chinese Academy of Sciences co-opted results press conference, Vice-President Li Jinghai read out the list of newly elected academicians , a total of 35 people, Zhang Shuguang not one of them .

September 10, 2013 , at the Beijing Second Intermediate People’s Court of the third court , people were surprised to learn that this has long been rumors of corruption into the former Secretary for Transport, Ministry of Railways , even from the highest academic title so close, only step away.

This is not the first time he “coveted ” Academy title. 2007 , recommended by the Ministry of Railways , Zhang Shuguang, the list of candidates for the first time to enter the Chinese Academy of Sciences , but the final seven votes shy .

Two years later, his comeback, determined to win , but have lost.

Trial, so that the public is surprising is that when Zhang Shuguang , ” operation ” inside story wide open after academician , showing the pattern of corruption could be so unbearable and packaging practices.

Thought-provoking is that if more than one vote , Zhang Shuguang, China will become the first one sacked due to corruption of the Academy of Sciences.

More thought-provoking is that as China ‘s top scientists, group representatives , academicians how will he almost poise ? Is he in the trial of 23 million yuan in operating funds disclose worked , or are academicians collectively be deceived ?

China Youth Daily reporter Zhang Shuguang, the candidates look for the Chinese Academy of Technological Sciences several academicians , their common Zhang Shuguang restore the selection process .

In 2007, Zhang Shuguang invited several academicians car ride to Qingdao attend seminars

2007 , as recommended by the Ministry of Railways , Ministry of Science and Technology Zhang Shuguang, a Chinese Academy of Sciences academician candidate.

A Chinese Academy of Sciences , told reporters that with the Chinese Academy of Engineering academician candidates for different requirements that pay more attention to project outcomes Academy of Engineering , Academy of Sciences pay more attention to academic achievement .

Automatic control and power system dynamics expert , professor at Tsinghua University academician Lu Qiang Zhang Shuguang read the application materials , was surprised : “He declared when academic achievement is there, there are two books , but few papers , some academicians said, why do not you do at CAE ? Academy you reported that your scientific results in which it ? ”

Another Tsinghua University academicians in technical sciences department Wang Yu ( a pseudonym on request ) , also known as , to apply for academy , first of all if scientists . ” Yuan Longping down is because not enough of his papers , academia is to ask this thing , Yuan ‘s great contribution , but the paper will not .”

Born in 1956, Zhang Shuguang , indeed hardly scientific achievement.

In 1982, he was from Lanzhou Railway Institute ( now Lanzhou Jiaotong University ) vehicle after graduation to enter the Shanghai Branch of Bengbu Bengbu Railway Bureau depot work , has been working here for 10 years, until the end of 1991 the Ministry of Railways locomotive Bureau acceptance into any room management engineer.

Thereafter, the passenger department served as deputy director and director , he is due to poor reputation , was transferred to the Shenyang Railway Bureau director- assistant . Public information, in March 2003 , the Ministry of Railways Liu Zhijun after a long , Zhang Shuguang, the promotion of the road from opening . He first served as deputy director of the Beijing Railway Bureau , after six months as Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Railways high-speed equipment , deputy director , responsible for the introduction of high-speed rail technology , and quickly soared to the Secretary for Transport and deputy chief engineer of the Ministry of Railways , known as “China’s first high-speed rail people . ”

However, this ” first person ” is definitely in science and technology , simply because in the Chinese high-speed rail technology transfer negotiations, he served as chief negotiator.

Has been on the job in the management of Zhang Shuguang , at least from the point of view the number of papers , and the hundreds of other candidates than one hundred , can be described as pitiful.

Even today, from the paper database queries , Zhang Shuguang, but also only 10 papers to papers , showing the number of citations of up to 44 times.

He declared material in two books, one for the ” high-speed train railway application of basic theory and engineering technology”, the other being the “very large systems integration projects theory and practice” , two books published by Science Press , both for monographs, books have up to 421 before the 64 million words, after the book has 550,000 words.

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Zhang Shuguang just one ticket will win power into academic academician

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Prior to 2007, Zhang Shuguang no reputation in the academic community . But with prosperous career , he became an ” academic star .” Zhang Shuguang moving vehicle inspections . (CFP / Figure )

Zhang Shuguang need academic recognition , Academician in 2006 he wrote a highly praised Zhang Shuguang 2007 began to organize the preparation of the ” monograph .”

He needs monographs, more than thirty scholars for his ghost ghostwriter.

Face ghostwriter Report , Institute of the Ministry of Railways authorities respond rehearsal ahead of the upcoming investigation, and does not coincide with experts sent abroad .

2007 year, seldom write books , he has published two breath monograph , published five papers.

September 11, 2013 , the former Ministry of Railway Transport Secretary , deputy chief engineer Zhang Shuguang court case . Trial, the prosecution accused Zhang Shuguang from 2000 to 2011 between four dozen monetary transactions , amounting to 47.55 million yuan . Zhang Shuguang confession, six of them received 23 million yuan on the grounds that in 2007 , twice in 2009 academician candidates ‘ need to spend money . ”

Chinese Academy of Sciences co-opted public opinion has always been a hot spot . Although Zhang Shuguang, a presentation of bribes reasons , not for his bribery of the relevant facts , but the CAS has inevitably be dragged . Thus , a few years ago, two academic controversy , because a corruption case in court , return to public view.

Scholars in general , the Chinese Academy of Sciences is an unattainable towering palace , the palace of the road leading to a long and multi- resistance, but Zhang Shuguang almost succeeded .

For the year 2007 only published two papers, Dr. Zhang Shuguang not graduated , to enter the country the highest academic halls , this is almost an impossible task .

Zhang Shuguang almost succeeded . In the process , he is not without difficulties encountered , but overcome this : he needs to qualify , he was nominated as a candidate for the Ministry of Railways ; he needs monographs, more than thirty scholars for his ghost ghostwriter ; he faced questioning and report , the Ministry of Railways for his endorsement. Zhang Shuguang almost succeeded , he just one ticket , they can legitimately entered this hall.

What makes Zhang Shuguang almost anything , if fabulous ? Zhang Shuguang for election in court academicians in the name of 23 million yuan accepting large sums of money to play a much energy ? Southern Weekend reporter interviewed several academicians and insiders , restore Zhang Shuguang election academician whole incident .

After an investigation, the two candidates in Zhang Shuguang , the nation’s highest academic institution on the independence and impartiality to influence , compared to the power of money , unchecked power play even more significance . So, this is the story of a cliché but unprecedented , that the magic of the public authority from bondage after how mesmerizing – even if this is the country where most intellectual institutions .


” Works yard on his bottom line is to understand , and has engaged in railway expert, he was afraid , it is selected for the Academy .”

May 2007 , when the ” Zhang Shuguang, ” appears in the Chinese Academy of Sciences co-opted valid list of candidates , this is a Fellow of unfamiliar for most names .

Prior to Zhang Shuguang known for his official capacity . Since 2003 served as Minister of Railways Liu Zhijun , the Shuguang Zhang began his career rise, until 2007 , when he was Zhang Shuguang, deputy chief engineer of the Secretary of Transportation for three years , Guan Ju departmental level .

But in academia, Zhang Shuguang is a fully-fledged new, even strangers . Since 1982 from Lanzhou Railway Institute ( now Lanzhou Jiaotong University ) vehicle after graduation , to before 2007 , Zhang Shuguang no scholarly monographs and theoretical results , just published two papers, and by the Chinese Academy of Engineering Wang Meng-shu evaluated as ” level is low . ”

An academic who has always been insignificant to the highest halls of academia into China , which appears to be an impossible task .

Become “effective candidate” is the first step in this task . Then he discussed the material will be reviewed , after screening a ” preliminary candidate” , and then after three votes , and if he can win in this field of academia smartest , most authoritative person 2/3 number of votes , he would be elected , and became one of them .

“Take the analogy of Tsinghua University , the first person in the school will conduct a simple pull , the list to the Ministry of Science , but also once again Jane Stubbs, to be able to become an effective candidate .” Chinese Academy of Technological Sciences Buyuan Shi Lu Qiang told the South weekend reporter for an average person to become an effective candidate is not an easy thing.

But as senior officials of the Ministry of Railways , Zhang Shuguang only successfully won the department recommended and recommended materials called wonderful . Lu Qiang recalls, ” the recommendation of the Ministry of Railways said in his high-speed rail table ( projects ) which is very important, ( make ) particularly outstanding contributions are used in the most intense commendatory .”

Number of informed sources described in Zhang entire election process, the Ministry of Railways is simply ” give the Ministry the power of dumping ” its support .

Chinese Academy of Engineering Wang Meng-shu Zhang Shuguang originally thought that totally do not qualify . ” After graduation, he did vehicle maintenance , and later transferred management of this process he , one look is not the way to go academic type .”

Zhang Shuguang was already Academy of Railway Sciences , chief expert , but according to the reaction of iron ASTRI a retired engineer , this is only nominal , he had never seen Zhang Shuguang been to iron ASTRI door.

Southern Weekend reporter interviewed a number of academicians is generally reflected Zhang Shuguang seem incompatible with the Chinese Academy of Sciences , Academician even sheets to candidates should also be candidates Chinese Academy of Engineering.

After 2000, the Ministry of Railways has been out three academicians, respectively, in 2001 minister Fu Zhihuan , Sun Yongfu , vice minister in 2005 , in 2009 the chief engineer DEVELOPMENT OF ENTERPRISE , they are in the Chinese Academy of Engineering . And the Chinese Academy of different heavy theory , Academy of Engineering is more focused practice .

In addition, the Chinese Academy of Sciences among the candidates , has always been rare official figure, Zhang Shuguang , and a minister of Ministry of Water Resources , is only two years to become effective academician candidates officials . Relatively speaking, the engineering courtyard officials more , only in 2011 , for example, a total of 23 government officials or central corporate executives nominated candidate Chinese Academy of Engineering ( see newspaper June 3, 2011 report ” What Academy of Engineering Institute” ) .

“In 2007, the Ministry of Railways has recommended DEVELOPMENT OF ENTERPRISE election Academy of Engineering , if the recommended Zhang Shuguang , they both choose the chance is very small .” Chinese Academy of Sciences Faculty of Technical Science Academy Shipan Jiluan analysis, ” there is a reason to engage in railway construction homes are more , someone said to him zhigenzhidi , Chinese Academy of Sciences here we are not familiar with him . ”

” Works yard on his bottom line is to understand , and has engaged in railway expert, he was afraid , it is selected for the Chinese Academy of Sciences .” September 23, 2013 , Qin Boyi Academy of Engineering to the Southern Weekend reporter disclosed.

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